Bombay carpenters

New Housing

As unique of an event of been able to have your own house is, building a new one is even more precious as you are able to design to your requirements. To ensure your dream home is built, you need expert builders who are able to take the stress of your shoulders. And that’s where we at Bombay Carpenters Ltd come in. We have the experts you require and with our workmanship you will definitely be living in your dream home.


Is the family growing and you’re not prepared to move into a bigger home because the memories or costs. Our extension service is what you need in order to provide the extra rooms for the growing family. We are able to add extensions to existing properties so you can continue to enjoy the environment you have already created.


Wanting to create a useable environment that makes a remarkable difference, decks are the way to go. A well-constructed deck will not only mix well with the kiwi living style but will create an area where you can enjoy the surrounding environment. We are able to design or work to your specified design to create the deck you can enjoy.


Whether it’s for privacy or protection of your pets, fencing is a great option to implement to enhance the security, privacy and aesthetics of your property. We are able to build any fence whether it maybe for residential or commercial, we are the team you can depend on to provide top end results.


Looking to add value to your property? Additions are one of the different ways to increase value to properties. If you’re in any of our areas we cover and are looking to make such changes to your property, we are your local builders you can call upon. Additions are the changes you may add to the home, for example adding family rooms or media room.


We understand that bathrooms not only add value to your property but maybe used as an escape from reality. Creating a room where you can utilise the space to fulfil your specified requirements whilst creating a relaxing environment. We are able to design for or with you to create a unique oasis. Whether you’re renovating or building a new home our services are available.


A unique structure that provides a wide range of valuable functions, sheds are one of the ultimate addition you can add to any property. We are able to help you create the ideal shed to suit your style and budget. Customised design or not we pay full attention to detail on every job we do so you can rest assured the finish result will be top end.


One of the most underrated essential that every house needs is a driveway. Driveways provide a basis of getting to from your property with ease, but not only do they provide a means of getting to and from they provide the aesthetics appeal, as the first impression of your property is the driveway. With well-designed and implemented driveway you are surely going to impress visitors from the moment they drive into your property.